If you have ever had a water heater break and flood the surrounding area while on summer vacation, then you likely already know why spring is the perfect time for hot water heater maintenance. Many hot water heaters are located in the attic, and in places such as Kingwood, Texas where summer temperatures can reach upwards of one hundred degrees, it is wise to have a professional Kingwood plumber address any issues in the spring, before the attic temperatures become unbearable and could impact the unit itself.

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Spring is a time of renewal and a season in which most homeowners regularly practice deep cleaning, changing the batteries in smoke detectors, decluttering, and other annual or bi-annual chores. With these home care to do’s already on the list, it goes without saying why spring is the perfect time for hot water heater maintenance too.

Spring temperatures even in Kingwood, Texas are still typically mild compared to the stifling heat of summer, making it the perfect time to get a hot water heater check and perform regular maintenance. Acting now could save you issues with your pilot light, a leak, or a unit that breaks down while you are on summer vacation.

In addition to better temperature management, spring is a great time to check on the status of hot water heaters since most of these units tend to work harder in the cold winter months than at any other time of the year. With winter in the rear-view mirror, it is a good idea to ensure that the heavy use of the unit combined with colder air did not play havoc with the unit or the surrounding plumbing system well before summer arrives.

Common Issues for Water Heaters

In the intense heat of the summer months in southeast Texas, it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach the one-hundred-degree mark or above in home attics. Some common summer issues for hot water heater units in cities like Kingwood can include:

Pilot light going out

Water heaters located in the attic and that are impacted by extremely hot temperatures may experience issues with the pilot light going out. Should the air temperature around a water heater be higher than the one set on its thermostat, it may be possible for the gas valve to fail to open and light the burner. This situation alone or combined with poor ventilation can negatively impact oxygen availability for the burner and cause the pilot light to go out.

Broken or leaking units causing water damage

Although an aging or damaged water heater can break at any time, one that breaks during June, July, or August has the potential to cause a great deal of damage if the homeowners are out of town when it occurs. When a hot water heater breaks, it can leak substantial amounts of water which can in turn create interior water damage, especially when the unit is located in the attic.

What Spring Hot Water Heater Maintenance Looks Like

The primary benefit to having regular hot water heater maintenance done is to prevent problems before they start, while also making sure the unit is running as efficiently as possible. It is important to note that during a regular maintenance visit, repairs are not the focus. Many units will not require repairs, but may need issues like the following to be addressed:

Sediment accumulation in the tank

The residents of Kingwood, Texas can vouch for the area’s hard water. Unfortunately, hard water is typically associated with sediment that can accumulate on the bottom of the water heater tank. This can be an issue because it acts as an insulator from the heat source. A unit that does not have the sediment flushed out by a professional plumber may increase the likelihood of problems to come as well as raise energy costs because the heat source is having to work harder.

Part replacements

Because hot water heaters often work harder in the winter months, some parts may be worn and be close to needing a replacement. One of the more commonly replaced parts of a water heater can be the anode rod which helps prevent the tank from rusting. The anode rod typically has a life span of only two to three years. It is critical to replace this part before it goes bad, so rust does not overtake the tank.

Benefits to Getting Spring Hot Water Heater Maintenance by a Professional Plumber

Buying a new water heater can cost thousands of dollars, whether it is budgeted for or not. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners who do not get annual maintenance on these units will at some point experience a unit that suddenly breaks and requires an immediate replacement.

Particularly for units in the attic, it may not be noticeable that a water heater has a leak until it releases enough water to flood areas of the floor of the attic, which can then seep through the interior ceiling of a home. Should the homeowner be away on vacation when this occurs, waterlogged ceilings and insulation may start growing mold, which can create a whole new set of problems.

The primary benefit to getting hot water heater maintenance is having the peace of mind that common problems such as the accrual of sediment in the tank or worn-out parts have already been addressed, before the dog days of summer arrive.

Another added benefit to having annual spring maintenance done on your water heater is that it can help extend the life of the unit. A water heater in which sediment build up occurs and is not addressed will likely require a replacement faster than a unit that is well monitored and taken care of.

Do not wait for summer pilot light issues or a broken water heater to discover why spring is the perfect time for hot water heater maintenance. Call a professional and licensed Kingwood plumber today to have your unit assessed, which will give you valuable peace of mind for a carefree summer.

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