While one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your bathroom is a new shower head, many wonder what is the best way to install a shower head? The process can be more involved than some homeowners might think, especially if they encounter any unexpected issues. For this reason, it can be a good idea to enlist the help of a reputable plumber instead of going it alone.

Reasons A New Shower Head Might Be Needed

From simply upgrading the bathroom shower to making an emergency repair, there can be many reasons a new shower head install could be in your future, but some of the most common are:

  • Leaks. If you lie in bed at night and your head pulses to the sound of water dripping in the shower, you may have a leak.
  • Overabundance of mold. Due to the humid environment of a bathroom, the presence of mold on a shower head is not unexpected. Some mold growth can be treated and removed, while more persistent varieties may eventually require a new shower head all together.
  • Renovation. In some cases, there is no problem with the current shower hardware, but a homeowner may desire a bathroom renovation. This typically leads to an upgrade in the shower head as well to complete the modern look.
  • Weak water flow. Over time, a shower head may simply wear out or incur sediment build up, both of which can diminish the strength of the water flowing from it. This can be most noticeable if the water flow seems weaker than normal.

The Top 5 Reasons A Do-It-Yourself Shower Head Install Could Be More Expensive in the Long Run

A shower head seems like a trivial thing to replace and something that might be quite doable if you live with someone who is handy with small upgrades, but acting on thoughts like these can turn out to be more costly than it would have been to hire a professional installer in the first place.

The top five reasons a simple DIY shower head install can be more expensive than hiring a plumber may include:

  1. No plumbing background. Contrary to popular belief, installing a new shower head is not as easy as just popping the old one off and snapping a new one into place without any special tools or know-how. The replacement requires some basic knowledge of plumbing, how a shower works, and the right tools. Missing one or more of these key elements can increase the odds of developing an even bigger problem on a self-install.
  2. Model choices. Shower heads are not limited to one style, and switching out one style for another can require some extra work and know-how. Typically, homeowners choose a fixed shower head that is mounted to the wall, a handheld shower head which also requires a wall mount for the base, or dual shower heads.
  3. Installation hindrances. Wall mounted shower heads can be tricky if the new mounting does not exactly match the space where the old one was. This may either require a specialized tool or the removal of some tile, which can then turn into a much bigger job than just a shower head replacement.
  4. Breakage. In an effort to make sure handiwork is secure, it is possible to overcorrect and inadvertently end up applying too much pressure somewhere that can cause a breakage either of the shower head or the pipes, depending on the type of install being done. A breakage equals a repair, and depending on where the break occurred, that can get expensive quickly.
  5. Old and outdated part replacements. Older homes requiring a new shower head install can present a whole host of problems, from obsolete pipes to fragile tile to needing parts the plumbing industry no longer makes anymore. This can lead to overspending on parts that may not even work and could also cause damage if parts are not installed correctly.

Benefits of Hiring A Plumber Who Knows the Best Way to Install A Shower Head

An experienced plumber with years on the job will have likely seen a little bit of everything, making them experts on the best way to install a shower head. When it comes to enlisting the help of a professional, homeowners should expect benefits such as:

  • Plumbing knowledge. Regardless of what issues present themselves during a shower head install, it is likely something that a reputable plumber will have an intimate understanding of, and enough experience to navigate the issues effectively.
  • Saving money on tools. Some shower head installs can require several unique tools that are used exclusively for that purpose, and some of these tools are rather costly. A reputable plumber already has access to the tools needed, which saves the homeowner from having to purchase a specialized tool they might only use once.
  • Saving time. A job that may have taken a homeowner the better part of day may only take a plumber a couple of hours or less.
  • Peace of mind. Since plumbers are expertly skilled at their trade, homeowners can have more peace of mind that the new shower head will work the way it is supposed to for their next shower.

If you are still wondering what is the best way to install a shower head, the quick answer is to work with a reputable Houston plumber with plenty of experience.

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